Barcelona, Spain

Frankly speaking, there are not so many cities, which are literally breathtaking to me no matter, how many times I have been there. Their atmosphere shrouds you in from head to toe. Their beauty and unique style make you, sometimes unwittingly, thinking feverishly, how to stay there forever. And, of course, Barcelona, the proud capital of Catalonia, is one of those cities. Everything there is just so interesting: streets, people, shops, cafes, museums, parks… And to be honest even without any guide you can get happily lost for a couple of days. But we’ll still give you, as always, some ideas, what you can visit.


Antoni Gaudí is probably the most famous and talented admirer of Barcelona and he had a huge influence on how the city looks today. So you can even follow a special Gaudí route (click here), or just mark the most interesting places to visitin your travel planner:

  1. Sagrada Familia, or the famous Church of the Holy Family, long-suffering and still unfinished one, but so beautiful and majestic. Address: Mallorca, 401
  2. Casa Batllo, or House of Batllo. Gaudí has said once that if you are sad, than you will see a construction of human bones, but if you are happy, you will see in elaborate architecture merry carnival. Address: Passeigde Gràcia, 43
  3. Güell was named after its customer. Incredibly beatiful colorful mosaic and quaint statues of lizards are going to be an essential part of the long walks around the city. Address: Carrer d’Olot.
  4. Casa Milà, or House of Mila is a house without any right angles. By the way, there are located a museum of Gaudí himself and a cafe plus the real residential apartments. Address: Provença, 261-265.
Sagrada Familia


All of you, great lovers of cafes and restaurants, don’t worry, it is so tasty particulary in all of them. However, we suggest you to feel the true spirit of Catalonia and to enjoy cheerful and loud life of the markets. There you will find literally everything, plus you can buy fresh groceries and eat them right away. The best, in our opinion, Boqueria Food Market (address: Plaça de la Boqueria). By the way, the residents themselves believe that the best time to go to the market is before noon – so the selection will be the largest.


Barcelona is famous for its unique style in architecture and in fashion. And in addition to the located on the main street La Rambla huge Zara, Bershka and Pull & Bear, you simply have to pay attention to the true Catalan designer shops. For example, Ivory (c / Mirallers 7) or Colmillo De Morsa (C / Vic 15).


As for the more distant trips, the absolute favorite of ours is the mountain Montserrat. Not only that views there are truly breathtaking, the human creations, also located there, are just incredibly beautiful as well. And this is that rare case when we strongly advise you to take a tour with, for example, company Bus Plana (that will cost you about 20 euros). The fact is that to get from Barcelona to the mountain by yourself is way more expensive and difficult, indeed. Don’t forget to visit the choir boys and Holy Mary, who is famous for fulfiling of the most cherished wishes. And of course, don’t miss the market (yes, still talking about food), where you can buy stuff that is produced by local farmers on old family recipes. By the way, they willingly give everything to try.










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  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 love the photos. My husband have just started out a new travel blog, come check it out 🙂 we have just come back from Barcelona so will be blogging about our trip soon!

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